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The year of 1999, a bohemian Dane decided that a funky clothing brand was missing on the fashion scene in Scandinavia. One hazy night, the brand KRONSTADT was born. At the start of the millennium KRONSTADT was known for its funky shirts with wide collars, broad cuffs and cool materials. 

The name comes from the Russian town famous for its uprising against the Bolsheviks in 1920’s and the punk band Kronstadt Uprising. 

The Dane, founder Thomas Olesen, changed the focus from funky shirts to good fits, discrete detail, classic collars and kept quality at top. Making shirts, tees, jackets, pants, with great response, took the brand from the streets of Copenhagen and made it an international success. 

Sold across the globe both in stores and online and worn by a long list of celebrities and common ordinary people. Always keeping the true Scandinavian genuine look, nice fits and good quality. Young or old. Cool or gentle. KRONSTADT is clothes for every man, every day.

The Beginning of Kronstadt Kids

Lot's of years had gone by, with creating products for men, but the companys willingness to expand and evolve, resulted in the first Kronstadt kidswear to be made back in the beginning of 2018. The kidswear were created in the same spirit as the mens wear, using great materials and aiming for classic looks. The first collection was launched in the fall of 2018.